Scottish Beithir Fire 150-Proof Beer

Posted: August 11, 2021
Scottish Beithir Fire 150-Proof Beer
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Scottish Beithir Fire is 75% ABV, or 150-proof beer. Nope, not joking. Yep, pretty sure that makes it the World's Strongest Beer, a title Scotland's 88 Brewery has now usurped from Scotland's Brewmeister, and their 67.5% ABV Snake Venom. Which previously usurped the title from the 65% Armageddon, also from Brewmeister.

Why the race to make the world's highest, most ridiculously-proofed beers? I can't say for sure, but my guess is these Scottish breweries, like myself, had some brainstorming sessions about what kind of product they could create that would make people act even more reckless and stupid than they already do. I came up with the urban scooter share program, and they came up with beers so strong a single 330ml bottle could turn anyone drinking them into a belligerent, havoc-wreaking fool.

Just kidding.

The scooters weren't my idea.

88 Brewery doesn't have much to say about Scottish Beithir Fire, except that it's made of "a blend of pure Scottish water and the finest golden grain," and, in an effort to preserve their own integrity (i.e., avoid responsibility for Scottish Beithir Fire damage), you can't buy more than one.

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