The OranguBag Portable Punching Bag

Posted: July 17, 2023
The OranguBag Portable Punching Bag
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Some people are tree huggers. Others are tree punchers. If you're one of the latter, might I recommend the OranguBag? It will help protect yourself, and the tree, the next time your condescending boss / cheating girlfriend / guilt-tripping mama makes you want to hurl your fist at a wall of bark.

Oh, and the OranguBag also serves as a portable punching bag for boxers, martial arts and MMA competitors, and anyone else who wants to get a full-contact workout with Mother Nature as their sparring partner.

The OranguBag measures 39.3" x 39.3", and is made of PU leather, with 2 EVA rubber-filled sections. The bag's size and composition are designed to cushion the blows of both fist and foot strikes. Secure it to a tree in the park, at the beach, or in your backyard, and let the training / aggression release begin.

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