The Booty LYFT Total Home Gym

Posted: April 26, 2018
The Booty LYFT Total Home Gym
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I cannot tell a lie. Although I am a dude, I would Booty LYFT my booty if I thought I could get a booty LYFTed like that lady's. Sexy butts are unisex, no?

The Booty LYFT total home gym is a portable pouch of goodies intended to lift and tone not just your back side, but also your arms, legs, and winter paunch. As indicated in the image gallery, Booty LYFT is designed for toting along wherever you go, be it a park, hotel room, living room, or central lobby of your office building. Come on, it's a big open space with benches ideal for that hip thrusting exercise she's doing there. Why waste it?

The Booty LYFT comes with 6 x resistance bands, 25 pounds each, a couple of different handles, and a frame for band attachment. Together they provide enough resistance and versatility to do moves from squats to weighted pushups, dips, bent over rows, bicep curls and tricep kickbacks, deadlifts, and, oh yeah, donkey kicks.

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