STEALTH Core Trainer - Core & Full Body Gaming Workout

Posted: August 06, 2020
STEALTH Core Trainer - Core & Full Body Gaming Workout
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The STEALTH Core Trainer invites you to "Plank and play games!" Hmmm. Change that to "Plank or play games!" and I'm in. I choose play games.

STEALTH is a portable piece of fitness equipment designed to incorporate fun, or at least a level of distraction that will help you forget about the misery, into your workout. Though it's called a Core Trainer, STEALTH makers say you can get a dynamic full body workout while using the device, and strengthen your core and back in under 3 minutes a day.

Of course, those 3 minutes are going to be spent in the dreaded plank position, whose difficulty will be enhanced by STEALTH's 360-degree mobility. The padded STEALTH planking platform is mounted on its flat disc-like base with a "fluidity sphere" that allows the platform to tilt in all directions, as well as make circular motions. This is what you'll be doing during STEALTH video game play, becoming a human controller (with abs on fire!) trying to shoot down targets, dodge attacks, and complete challenges.

The STEALTH Core Trainer pairs with any smartphone and an Android or iOS app to run its fitness games, as well as track progress. The system comes with 2 free games, "Stealth Speed Gliding" and "Galaxy Adventure.

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