SQUEGG Digital Dynamometer & Grip Strengthener

Posted: July 29, 2020
SQUEGG Digital Dynamometer & Grip Strengthener
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Know what the SQUEGG reminds me of? Ummm, yeah, but besides a sex toy one might put up their butt? It reminds me of this phenomenon of physics I used to tell people about eggs, wherein if you place an egg longways in your palm, close your fingers around it, and squeeze as hard as you can, the egg will be impossible to break. No fingernails, and no digging in with your fingertips allowed though.

I'd successfully completed hands-on Unbreakable Egg party tricks with countless people, on countless different occasions, until one year at a holiday party hosted by people I'd only met about 3 times before. I had an egg in my grip and an audience of about 10, and I was standing in the dining room, a little drunk and a lot cocky, and nowhere near a sink. And when I squeezed...oh yes, you are correct, sir! Egg on my face! And everyone else's! And the walls! And the Christmas tree!

It was as if I'd been training with the SQUEGG Digital Dynamometer & Grip Strengthener for months before that and just didn't know my own Arnold strength. Or, more likely, I'd gotten a bad egg. Anyway, I've retired the Unbreakable Egg demo.

But the SQUEGG thing, that's one I'd be willing to take a crack at. The hand and arm muscle trainer connects via Bluetooth to a phone or tablet and provides a digital readout of your squeeze, up to 220 pounds. From there, you can go through training routines or play built-in games that won't just make your grip stronger, but can also help you regulate your blood pressure, and revitalize muscle movement.

In addition to a great gift for athletes who climb, play tennis and other racquet sports, powerlift, golf, practice wrestling and MMA, etc. the SQUEGG Digital Dynamometer & Grip Strengthener is also a useful physical therapy tool and muscle recovery device.

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