Rodeo Boy Exercise Machine

Posted: August 28, 2017
Rodeo Boy Exercise Machine
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The Rodeo Boy exercise machine adds some Japanese elegance, more mechanical bull aesthetics, and 6 speeds of body-rockin' power to the Rodeo Core fitness trainer we saw here a couple years ago. I'm not sure how effective of a workout either provides though. The Rodeo Core seems like it would do more for a spectator watching the seated gyrations, and the model in the Rodeo Boy demo video seems as disinterested in and unaffected by her abdominal training session as one of Robert Palmer's band girls in the "Addicted to Love" video.

Similar to a mechanical bull, the Rodeo Boy uses random motions to build a sequence of rodeo-style movements for lower body, and particularly stomach and back, conditioning. In addition to its 6 speeds, the machine has 2 courses, and a recommended use time of 20 minutes per session.

Rodeo Core and Rodeo Boy not your kind of rodeo? Then take the dust bowl to the swimming pool, and check out the Inflat-A-Bull.

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