R3BAR AlphaPro Strength & Conditioning Tool

Posted: September 15, 2018
R3BAR AlphaPro Strength & Conditioning Tool
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The fact that the R3BAR AlphaPro looks like a really fun piece of exercise equipment probably means every rep of every which way you use the strength and conditioning tool is going be pure torture. But maybe you're an athlete or fitness freak who lives for the burn of performance enhancement and the Lamaze-style breathing brought out by efforts to stabilize and mobilize the entire kinetic movement chain.

R3BAR AlphaPro consists of an engineered alloy bar, which breaks into segments for portability, and different levels of resistance bands. The design is intended to promote safe and progressive strength and mobility improvement, with functional movement exercises that incorporate additional core stability, coordination, and flexibility components to traditional exercises, such as walking lunges, planks, and jump squats.

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