OmniBall 360-Degree Strength Trainers

Posted: May 19, 2017
OmniBall 360-Degree Strength Trainers

OmniBalls make 'em better. Pushups. Planks. Pilates. Kegels. Well...at 4 pounds and, like, 6" in diameter each, OK. Maybe not Kegels, ladies. But incorporate the 360-degree rolling strength trainers into hundreds of other exercises and creator FEWDM says you'll experience a more dynamic, fluid, and effective workout everywhere else.

OmniBalls Velcro to either the hands or the feet to do any or all of the following:

  • Destabilize your body, forcing more of it - particularly your core - to work during a given exercise.
  • Expand your range of motion during exercise.
  • Adapt an exercise to your ability level - make it easier or harder.
  • Increase the number of exercises you can do in a small space without additional equipment.
  • Perform new exercises and combinations that engage multiple muscle groups.
  • Intensify body weight movements (e.g., leg lifts or arm holds) by adding weight that feels like an extension of your limbs.

For those who want to get some balls, become a baller, and let the good times roll, FEWDM also produces various workout videos you can purchase as companions to the OmniBalls.

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