KettleBaby - Turn Your Kid into a Fitness Tool

Posted: January 23, 2019
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KettleBaby has determined you don't need to spend a wad on web-connected bikes and treadmills, on-demand workout subscriptions, or VR trainers built into your mirror to get a stellar home workout. You just need to have a kid. 1 Baby + 1 KettleBaby = Instant Fitness Tool for Parents.

And, according to KettleBaby creator Nat Fraser instant fun for the kid.

Currently seeking crowdfunding on Kickstarter, the KettleBaby is a diaper-like design inspired by rock climbing harnesses. Its base is made of canvas on the outside, and a soft liner interior. It acts more like a harness than a diaper thanks to supportive straps integrated in the canvas, and forming a figure 8 under the child's seat. The straps extend out the top and bottom sides of the KettleBaby, where they become a pair of foam-covered handles.

At this point, some of you might be like, Pshhh! you think I need a special diaper to make spending time with my kid a workout? I chase that little monkey around, pick him up, put him down, pick him up, throw him in the air, put him down, pick him up...for hours just fine without a KettleBaby in my life. Not that I have a child, but, yes, I would agree with you.

However, KettleBaby believes they've taken the parent-child joint workout a step further with their fitness tool since it allows for a much broader and more effective range of exercises, plus keeps both parties safe during use. You know, always better to get fit without throwing your back out or accidentally dropping the little monkey on his head.

When parents take hold of the KettleBaby handles, they can perform a number of different exercises using the weight of Junior as resistance. So far Fraser and his wife have used their new essential piece of home gym equipment to incorporate KettleBaby Lunges, KB Squats, KB Rows, KB Overhead Presses, KB Bicep Curls, KB Russian Twists, KB Incline Bench Presses, and KB Lateral Twists into their workouts.

The KettleBaby harness can support over 100 pounds, though it's really intended for children between 5 months and 50 pounds.

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