Hydrow Live Outdoor Reality Rowing Machine

Posted: December 17, 2018
Hydrow Rowing Machine with Live & On-Demand Workouts
$1,999 - $2,599
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With on-demand fitness classes enjoying a run as the hot trend in home workouts, the Hydrow rowing machine follows the Peloton bike template of offering up on-demand and live rowing experiences on a precision-engineered piece of equipment with a trademarked description: Live Outdoor Rower, or LOR. With a Hydrow users can follow workouts crew athletes record from their time on the water, or get up and row in real time as they stream live.

The Hydrow comes with a connected 22" HD touchscreen and hundreds of live and on-demand on-water rowing programs. The training sessions sync up with the rowing machine to auto-adjust your resistance to match that of your rowing coach's. And the machine itself is, according to Hydrow, "superior."

Hydrow's computer-controlled resistance technology is able to adjust 100 times per second to recreate what a trainer is feeling on the water. The rowing mechanism, however, runs super quiet so you can hear both your instructions, and the sound of the water.

Benefits of Hydrow use, and rowing in general, include:

  • Burn up to 400 calories in a 20-min workout.
  • Engage 86% of your body's muscles, including the core, back, arms, legs, and face if you're one of those people who scrunches and contorts it like you're being tortured during workouts.
  • Low-impact fitness. Rowing machines, once you get the hang of their motion, move with fluidity and don't stress out your joints, while still improving bone density.
  • Increased mental clarity. The repetitive stroking helps increase focus and drowns out other thoughts that might be intrusive or stressful. Dudes can already relate, I'm sure.

The Hydrow measures. 85" long x 25" wide , and can be stored upright with an additional mounting device. At printing, Hydrow was offering some holiday special pricing for its basic package, so if you consider a rowing machine a piece of essential equipment for a complete home gym, check it out.

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