Dimok Aqua Bag - Workout Sandbag Filled with Water

Posted: April 03, 2020
Dimok Aqua Bag - Workout Sandbag Filled with Water
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Even when we are allowed outdoors again the Dimok Aqua Bag, a sandbag-style fitness tool you fill with water instead, seems like a fitness companion you might want to keep in your back pocket. First, when not filled the Dimok Aqua Bag almost literally fits in your back pocket. The floatie-style tube of vinyl presses flat and rolls up compact for easy portability and storage when you aren't out to set a personal record for squats, lunges, and deadlifts.

Similarly, the Aqua Bag's empty weight is just 2 pounds, also making for easy transport and storage - not just for you, but for your shipper and delivery driver. Decent online listings for dumbbells and other free weights during our current shelter in place orders are sparse, both in terms of availability and affordability. Even if you can find the set you're looking for, the total shipping weight of home gym favorites like, say, the PowerBlock is over 100 pounds.

The Dimok Aqua Bag fill with both water and air, the latter to give it a better structure, as well as allow you to vary the bag's total weight. The listing here can fill up to a weight of 45 pounds, but adding less water and more air will, of course, tailor the pounds to your needs. Both an air pump and a water hose are provided with Dimok Aqua Bag purchases, and the bag has a valve large enough for quick filling and emptying.

For those of you who don't have the urge to buy a bunch of fitness equipment under quarantine that you'll never use afterwards, there's always these Dumbbell Beer Glasses, a real prize whose usefulness will endure well beyond any global pandemic.

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