DB2 Next Generation Dumbbell

Posted: May 15, 2016
DB2 Next Generation Dumbbell

I think a "next generation" dumbbell should be one that makes me ripped just by looking at it. But that next generation seems to be a few more generations of next out. As we make our way towards, it, we have this stop at the DB2, a dumbell, kettlebell, and barball all smashed together to form what the weight's makers consider to be a superior fitness tool.

DB2s flip the weight-grip layout of traditional dumbbells, shifting the heft to the center and splitting the grips into 2 at both ends. This, 1) enables lifters to use the DB2 to do a range of kettlebell and barbell exercises that require a 2-handed hold, and 2) supposedly engages more of your muscles, and better, because it requires your core to contract and contribute to every exercise you use the DB2 to do. Single-handed moves with traditional dumbbells target and train only specific muscles in a piecemeal approach, requiring more time overall to get the results you want.

DB2 resistance training has over 200 associated exercises incorporating several different hand positions. The weight is also suitable for use in Rapid Repetition Training.

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