Bullbar Freestanding, Folding Pull-Up Bar

Posted: September 01, 2021
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I suck at pull-ups. But at least with the Bullbar, I can save the strength I'd normally expend to assemble, set up, and fight with my wife about how I didn't really ruin the doorway installing a pull-up bar, and direct it towards attempting to execute the pull-ups themselves.

The Bullbar is a no-assembly, freestanding, folding pull-up bar and exercise station. You can set it up nearly anywhere - without bringing harm to your ceilings and walls, if anywhere is indoors - and then break it back down to a 15" x 51" for relatively easy transport and storage when your torture session is done.


The Bullbar is made of solid steel, and stands 6'9" tall when you pull open its nifty "X" design and use the built-in clasps to lock 2 parallel side bars and a wrapped pull-up bar in place. The process should take less than a minute. The Bullbar frame is designed to withstand puller uppers weighing up to 300 pounds, or 200-pound showoffs with 100-pound plates hanging from their waists.

The Bullbar itself weighs 55 pounds, and when it's collapsed, you can also think of it as a 55 pound barbell. Use the Bullbar to do some curls, thrusters, tricep extensions, and strict presses. Single-arm, Arnold, if you like.


In addition, Bullbar creator Mike Alfandre has developed a pair of auxiliary bars that attach to a couple different points on the bullbar so you can use it to do dips, incline pushups, and several variations on those themes. Indeed, the freestanding pull-up bar can become a complete exercise station, and piece of essential equipment for a complete home gym.


Learn more about the Bullbar here on Kickstarter, and pledge for a no-assembly, freestanding, folding pull-up bar of your own by September 16, 2021.

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