Boston Marathon Course-Simulating Treadmill

Posted: January 06, 2015
Boston Marathon Choose-Your-Own-Course Treadmill
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Training for the Boston Marathon? Or any marathon? Want to replicate an especially rigorous and badass hike you took on your vacation through the Dolmites? The iFit-enabled, Google Maps-charged Boston Marathon 4.0 treadmill from ProForm will automatically adjust its incline and imagery to mimic any of these courses and treks. And since it was designed specifically with Boston marathoners in mind, the indoor impersonator of the great outdoors will even play HD video footage of the actual Boston race course on its 10" full-color screen during workouts and training sessions.

The treadmill simulates every hill and dip of your course, with inclines adjusting up to 20% and declines sloping down to 6%. For those training to qualify and compete, the Boston Marathon has specialized 16-week and 20-week programs for beginner, intermediate, and advanced runners. Max treadmill speed is 15mph, controlled hands-free with ProForm's SpeedRing. Worn on the finger, the SpeedRing will increase/decrease pace by 1/10th mph increments to help eliminate users' battles with treadmill screen controls.

Beyond Boston, the 4.0 pairs with iFit to download Google Maps from anywhere in the world to the treadmill's screen and control center. Replicate your favorite trail run, or just check out what it would be like to jog around Abu Dhabi with Odie. Within iFit users can also choose from established workouts created by certified personal trainers for varying levels of fitness.

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