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Posted: June 04, 2020
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What's BlazePod? Think whack-a-mole, Simon, and the personal trainer you love to hate. The flash reflex training system combines elements of all 3 - even some of the fun parts - into personal and professional kits designed to help improve your reaction time, coordination, agility, speed, strength, any number of skills you have or want to build.

Connecting via Bluetooth to the BlazePod Android or iOS app, the BlazePod system comes with predefined activities, tests, competitions, and drills for people of all ages to use in their workouts, training, or Saturday night entertainment. In action, BlazePods essentially do one thing: they light up and stay lit until you touch them. Simple. But the range and complexity of activities you can create with or incorporate them into is pretty cool.

Arrange BlazePods in whatever pattern you like, and set the rules of engagement. Are you running to them, climbing to them? Sitting up to touch them, holding a plank and reaching out? Weaving through them like an obstacle course? Once the terms are in place, choose the goal. Some examples:

  • Timed reaction - how fast can you shut the light off when it turns on? The app will track you down to the millisecond.
  • Head-to-head competition: who can turn the light off first?
  • Rep/set counts: Turn off the light every time you complete a task.
  • Coordination: Touch the light while or as a step in completing another task.

In addition to using the BlazePod app's built-in training sessions, you can custom create your own. The BlazePod standard kit for home reflex training comes with 4 pods, and the same number of straps and suction cups for securing them to various surfaces. You'll also get a charging base, which juices the BlazePods up for 10 hours of usage time per 5-hour charge.

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