Birt Plate Strength System

Posted: January 02, 2020
Birt Plate Strength System
$30 - $200
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When Ryan Birt created the Birt Plate Strength System, injury was the mother of his invention. A college wrestling champion and football player, Birt injured his elbow in a football game, and found he couldn't lift a straight bar during rehab. He used the round weight plates alone instead, but their grip and design made the workouts awkward and uncomfortable. But they also sent him a vision of an alternative, a plate with handles and an ergonomic shape, a plate he eventually developed into the Birt Plate total body strength training system.

Birt Plates come in weights ranging from 8 to 100 pounds, and provide the foundation for over 200 different single-plate exercises. Their center cutout also allows for traditional plate use on the ends of a 2" barbell, or with added resistance bands.

Birt says his patented Birt Plate shape and movements "are crafted to keep the body in a natural position, allowing full range-of-motion and smooth transitions between individual movements" to produce workouts that are both safe and efficient.

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