BaseBlocks Portable Fitness Trainer

Posted: October 12, 2018
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Hey, BaseBlocks seem cool. I've been looking for ways to practice falling on my face and taking hunks of wood to the crotch. Just like a gymnast in training!

OK, well BaseBlocks says if I begin using their portable fitness trainer at the recommended beginner level, such incidents won't happen. Focusing on bodyweight exercises you can perform easily from anywhere, the BaseBlocks system consists of a base with 2 detachable, adjust upright poles, and a pair of smooth, contoured blocks that sit on top. It assembles in a couple of clicks, and requires little more than a 35" x 19" footprint to use.

BaseBlocks has developed over 50 exercises for the upper body, lower body, and core that progress users from basic to advanced as strength and balance improve. The apparatus itself adjusts to 9 different heights to further increase / decrease intensity. The BaseBlocks weighs 25 pounds. It carries a user weight max of 210 pounds and age minimum of 16 years, which seemingly eliminates 90% of potential US buyers. I'd suggest a 350-pound max minimum in version 2.0, BaseBlocks.

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