Bas Rutten Mass Suit

Posted: February 24, 2016
Bas Rutten Mass Suit
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A full-body resistance band suit that enhances training and promotes more comprehensive muscle use and development? That's almost as ridiculous as a mouthpiece that reduces oxygen flow to improve lung endurance and athletic performance.

Apparently, MMA Champion Bas Rutten has a flair for both kicking ass and the ridiculous.

Rutten's Mass Suit criss-crosses rubber resistance tubes over the legs, back, and arms. The lower body has 2 sets of bands, one of which begins at the feet, where they're secured via slip-on booties, and extend in a high X shape up the backs of the legs, terminating just above the butt cheeks. The second set affixes brace-style around the knees and then follows the same course over the ass to attachments at a low back support. Upper body bands also emanate from this core center, with one set latched onto elbow pads and the other ending in a pair of handles.

According to Rutten, or his marketing team, the Mass Suit's mad resistance kicks in the moment you put it on. Just standing upright will require the strength of 10 men, or approximately 1/5th of a Bas Rutten.

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