Acme Sledgeworks Fitness Tools

Posted: April 29, 2018
Acme Sledgeworks Fitness Tools
$80 - $140
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Work out, work out some stress, or work out that fireplace hearth you're about to replace with Acme Sledgeworks' line of intense industrial sledgehammers, dumbbells, and other fitness training tools.

Gym rats, Cross-Fitters, and dudes role-playing the song "I've Been Working on the Railroad" will dig Acme Sledgworks' unique, post-apocalyptic take on weightlifting. The rest of us will look at the 20-pound Godfather Sledge or Vendetta Mace and wonder why anyone would want to swing and slam one of those beastly things around when they could be enjoying some tacos and beer instead.

Acme Sledgeworks forges every pice of their fitness equipment by hand - no two dumbbells or hammers are alike. Their line includes 5-, 7-1/2-, 10-, and 20-pound sledgehammers, 10-, 15-, and 20-pound maces, 5-, 10-, and 20-pound dumbbell sets, and wicked Dirty Dozen weight rack.

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