WiFi Bathroom Scale and Health Tracker

Posted: January 22, 2012
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The making of New Year's resolutions is behind us, and now we enter the murky waters of keeping them. And since increased exercise and improved diet are both the most frequently tried, and most frequently failed quests toward self-improvement, a little statistical coaching in the form a WiFi-connected weight scale, body fat tester, and BMI calculator could prove invaluable to your follow-through. Now, we know what you're thinking: "A scale's job is usually to make me feel like shit. How is this one any different?" In two words or less: It's not. When you step on the WiFi scale, it's still going to give you information you'd probably rather not have, but it's also going to beam that information straight to your computer or iPhone.

Weight, body fat, body mass index--each time you step on the scale, it will tally your numbers, and send them for storage on a free, password-protected website or app on your computer or iPhone. After you log on, you can turn the stored data into cool charts and graphs that will help you track your progress, and show you in kaleidoscopic colors the healthy changes you're making.

The fact is, humans love data, and humans love things that have to do with themselves. So this outpouring of data about yourself will serve to inject the additional drive and motivation you need to make good on your resolutions. Also, since the WiFi scale's communication with your external devices is automatic, you theoretically don't even have to look at the scale and, in turn, feel like shit each time you step on it. You could blindly weigh yourself every day for weeks, and then just check out your progress online some day when you're feeling particularly skinny and brave.

The WiFi scale is also compatible with programs such as Daily Burn, RunKeeper, and WeightBot. The unit itself is wafer thin for inspiration, and capable of storing settings for up to 8 different users. In addition to storing and organizing your data, its accompanying app and website allow users to compare their own stats with averages and ideals for people of similar ages and body types, as well as add notes about the day's physical output and food intake. Available in black or white.

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