Wicks Stick-On Sweat Shields

Posted: May 02, 2017
Wicks Stick-On Sweat Shields
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Wicks adhesive strips give wearers the functional advantage of acting as a sweat shield, diverting the blur and sting of salty secretions away from our eyes during exercise. And stylistically? Well, I heard oompa loompas are the next unicorns and mermaids, so with race season coming up, here's your opportunity to be the first on that trend during your next half marathon or century ride. (Wicks also come in Shocking Pink and Neon Blue if you're still not over the unicorns and mermaids.)

Wicks provide sweat-free vision for any activity that requires full view of the road / ball / barbell ahead. Sure, you could wear a sweatband or rely on your bike's helmet pads, but if you find their performance inferior, or good only until they get saturated, Wicks take an alternative approach to keeping your eyes safe from the flood. Rather than absorb sweat, stick-on Wicks applied just above your eyebrows simply channel it around and away from your eyes.

Wicks are made from surgical grade bandaging materials, so they're safe for the skin, and will stay in place for extended use times. The company says they're comfortable and lightweight to wear, and obviously won't interfere with any other headgear your activity or labor calls for. Wicks sell in sheets of 20 (10 pairs) and each is disposable after use. The strips come in 3 shades of skin tone, plus several other rainbow-approved colors. Check them out for your own summer adventures, or as a gift for your favorite athlete.

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