The SHIIT Workout: Get Fit While You Sh*t

Posted: May 29, 2020
The SHIIT Workout: Get Fit While You Sh*t
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You've heard of HIIT, right? That's High. Intensity. Interval. Training. Well get ready for some next level shit added to your HIIT. And I'm not just talkin' shit. I'm talkin' SHIIT. Your bathroom reader is about to become your bathroom trainer.

The SHIIT Workout: Get Fit While You Sh*t invites you to pop a squat...and then pop 49 more squats, son! So your ass feels as sore as your asshole when you're done! Written by Jim Squits - and oh holy SHIIT do I hope that's his real name - The SHIIT Workout works to get you fit with one of the few pieces of equipment you use at the gym that no one ever thought to use as a piece of gym equipment. Squits splashes and plops dozens of exercises incorporating your toilet throughout his 96-page guide to help you Get Fit While You Sh*t, plus includes a planner for logging your workouts (or your logs themselves) and a section of pages for recording exercises you might come up with yourself that you know are the SHIIT.

Some selections include Jumping Jacksies, Push-outs, Bottom Burpees, and Lord of the Ring.

If you like toilet humor...your pops probably does too. The SHIIT Workout could make a hilarious Father's Day gift for Dad, or novelty gift the next time you need a little something for your favorite fitness fanatic.

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