Sling Shot Original - Weightlifting Strength Band

Posted: February 16, 2020
Sling Shot Original - Weightlifting Strength Band
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The Sling Shot Original is kind of a weightlifting spotter and trainer in one. The kind that helps you bench 10% to 15% more than you normally would. The kind that stabilizes your form and reinforces proper technique.

For those of you not into the screaming and grunting sort of encouragement you might otherwise get from your spotter or trainer, the Sling Shot Original is also the kind that keeps its mouth shut.

Developed by powerlifter and "Meathead Millionaire" Mark Bell, the Sling Shot Original is a strength band accessory for weightlifting, and specifically for bench pressing, pushups, and dips. The band is designed to "overload your CNS and build strength under maximal loads without wear and tear." And, in so doing, allow you to move more weight and do more reps that you would on your own. In other words, it's time to bench heavy but bypass the pain, bitches!

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