Qore Performance Hydration Shirt

Posted: April 02, 2017
Qore Performance Hydration Shirt
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What I would like Qore's Hydration Shirt to do is osmosis water through my skin from tiny little reservoirs housed in its bicep, triceps, shoulders, and abs--sized and shaped to looked like the ripped results of my own lifting efforts, of course--so I don't have to bother with bottles and lids and nozzles and the tedious act of drinking. But what Qore Performance has really done here is to create a shirt they say preserves and better applies the hydration we achieve by drinking water the old fashioned way.

Hydration Shirts are baselayers made with your standard moisture-wicking, anti-odor athletic fabric, and have a vented mesh back panel for additional breathability. They become "wearable hydration" thanks to a set of 4 HydraQore Inserts, cold packs that absorb heat at your pulse points.

Qore Performance refers to studies indicating your body wastes up to 75% of its energy and most of its water trying to exhaust heat. The HydraQore inserts act as radiators, absorbing heat and slowing water loss by up to 40%. The result: longer athletic endurance, and a higher output at the gym. Or, if you're military or a first responder, in the field.

HydraQore inserts are reusable and "rechargeable" by soaking in ice water for about 15 minutes. You can also put them in the freezer or fridge. They weigh about 1.8 ounces apiece, so they shouldn't weigh you down or impede movement.

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