PowerDot 2.0 Electrical Muscle Stimulation Device

Posted: November 27, 2022
PowerDot 2.0 Electrical Muscle Stimulation Device
$159 - $349
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There's a new electric muscle stimulator pod on the block! Therabody developed their PowerDot 2.0 line as a lightweight and portable solution for sore, spent, and pain-ridden athletes and fitness enthusiasts. I bet the PowerDot electric muscle stimulation treatment programs could also benefit people whose bodies get busted up from taking care of children and driving to work.

PowerDot 2.0 systems come in Uno and Duo models, the former including a single NMES & TENS pod, and the latter a set of two. Both connect to the Therabody's PowerDot app for remote control, and the options of running the devices manually, selecting a pre-designed treatment program, or creating your own based on where and how you want to stimulate your muscle fibers. If the PowerDot 2.0 works as intended, muscle fiber stimulation will reduce athlete recovery time, increase muscle performance the next time around, and relieve pain.

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