OMORPHO MicroLoad Weighted Sports & Fitness Clothing

Posted: August 08, 2022
OMORPHO MicroLoad Weighted Sports & Fitness Clothing

OMORPHO weighted sports and fitness clothing won't just omorpho you into a whole new level of athlete, or human with a hot, ripped body. But the line of "MicroLoad"-enhanced tops and bottoms could give you an edge as you work your ass off to achieve those goals yourself.

OMORPHO MicroLoads are small spheres of weight evenly distributed across key areas of OMORPHO activewear and, in turn, your body. The weights are heavy enough to increase the challenge to your body as you perform various sports and fitness activities, but light and unobtrusive enough that you can still move freely and naturally, with almost the same speed and intensity. Almost.

Over time, OMORPHO data shows athletes wearing their weighted clothing can increase power, vertical jump, and speed by 8%, 9%, and 3% respectively. Fitness freaks can enjoy an increased caloric burn of about 8% and work output of 6%.

OMORPHO fabrics are designed to be soft and stretchy, conforming to the body and going along with all of its movements without snagging or bunching up. Choose from men's and women's collections of short and long sleeve tops, tanks, tights, and bike shorts, and a streamlined version of the classic weighted vest.

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