Naked 3D Fitness Scanner

Posted: April 18, 2016
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All you metric-driven, body-conscious visual learners out there, it's time to get Naked. And anyone else intrigued by the idea of using regular 3D body scans to track health and fitness, you might want to give this full-length mirror with a full bag of tricks up its glass a once over too.

Naked consists of a turntable, a mirror, and a bunch of technology that enable it to take 3D scans of your body at home. In capturing your whole self in all dimensions, Naked says it can provide a more complete picture of your health and progress. In addition to helping you visualize changes over time, the mirror's app tracks volumetric body fat percentage, accurate body measurements, and weight. Rather than displaying straight numbers and graphs, the Naked app includes visuals such as a heatmap to indicate where you're gaining / losing muscle and fat, and custom time-lapse slideshows of your body morphing (for the better, right?) over time.

Naked uses Intel RealSense Technology, sensors with infrared light that function similarly to an XBox Kinnect, to take its 3D scans. To have yourself app-captured, just step onto the Naked turntable and stand still as it rotates you the full 360. Note: you don't have to use Naked naked, but doing so will return the best results. Don't worry, it won't zap your little swimmers. I don't think.

Naked's turntable supports weights up to 330 pounds, and doubles as a standard scale. It charges wirelessly by simply pushing the turntable against the base of the mirror (which plugs into a wall).

At printing, Naked was accepting pre-orders for its 3D body scanner / fitness tracker / health coach / shame monger. Anticipated ship date is March 2017.

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