HEAT-WAVE Hot Stone Massage Tool

Posted: January 27, 2016
HEAT-WAVE Hot Stone Massage Tool
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Valentine's Day Idea: get a hot stone to give your chosen one an even hotter massage. The SYNERGY STONE HEAT-WAVE (their choice to yell, not mine) is a curvy muscle roller that heats in 60 seconds in the microwave, and then penetrates deeply along the back, legs, and arms with its nubby wave shape. With or--my wish for you--without clothes. HEAT-WAVEs are comfortable and easy to grip in one or both hands, and packages include 3 Ultra-Smooth tips for use against the skin without oil or--my wish for you--tip-free with it.

SYNERGY STONE has developed its own techniques for HEAT-WAVE massage, such as Soothe, Rake, and Sculpt. You can see them demonstrated in the video above, but my recommendation is not to watch it unless you're considering buying a HEAT-WAVE and really need the advice, because the video is incredibly boring. HEAT-WAVE creator, Scott Wynn, says he designed the hot massager to absorb and radiate warmth longer than any other stone tool currently available. He's also developed 4 other shapes of HEAT-WAVE SYNERGY STONEs for both professional and personal use.

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