Ghost Pacer Holographic Workout Partner

Posted: August 14, 2020
$229 - $249
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One thing I suck at is running. So the Ghost Pacer, a mixed reality headset that projects a holographic workout partner to pace, challenge, motivate, and improve your running game, would seem pretty damn cool to me if one thing I hate with a vehemence, like more than the last season of Game of Thrones, weren't also running.

But for all you jogging, sprinting, and marathoning dudes and ladies, plus those of you who need a gift for an athlete, the sentiment probably applies. The Ghost Pacer holographic running buddy seems pretty damn cool.

Physically, Ghost Pacer is a mixed reality headset that weighs just over 3 ounces, and looks and wears like a juuust slightly too large pair of sporty sunglasses. The headset projects your partner / trainer / competitor as a 3D avatar you can set to behave in various ways to help maintain or improve your current running performance levels. Given the current climate, and people's otherwise busy schedules, you might just enjoy having a running partner who's available on-demand, and up for whatever length, speed, and challenge of run you want to do that day.

In general, the Ghost Pacer remains ahead of you during runs, but you can speed up and overtake it...as long as you're prepared for it to do the same as you. The avatar also mixes up the distances between the two of you, taking into account terrain changes, overall length of the route, and your personal fitness level. Ghost Pacer uses GPS and a proprietary IMU to create "a realistic projection that guides you on your entire run."

The Ghost Pacer glasses can also project analytics during your run so you don't have to pull out a phone or look down at your smartwatch.

Read more about the Ghost Pacer, check out its avatars in action, and pledge for one of your own on Kickstarter through September 4, 2020.

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