FlipBelt Fitness Storage Belt

Posted: September 16, 2014
FlipBelt Fitness Storage Belt
$28.99 - $29.50
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One nice thing about the FlipBelt is that it doesn't appear to make you look like you're wearing a fanny pack or running to burn off that spare tire encircling your gut region. Slim, comfortable, and sturdy, the storage belt's Spandex-Lycra fabric and 4 internal pockets can hold anything from music players, cards, and keys to energy bars and gel packs. I'd say it's a pretty logical fitness accessory for runners, hikers, gym rats, and all girls who pedal 1,000 mph on the elliptical machine to Katy Perry mashups with their...ponytails...bouncing right along.

FlipBelt's pockets are built inward, with access via 4 openings around the belt's exterior. Once items are inserted, wearers flip the belt inside out to lock them in place. It has no clasps or buttons and pulls on like a pair of pants for wear wherever is most comfortable. Its makers say it won't move, jiggle, bounce, or chafe, and at only 3 ounces it is easily forgotten, and can also be worn underneath clothing for those who just don't want to tote around a wallet or purse.

The belts are obviously going to get sweaty and disgusting during fitness-related wear, but they are machine washable and dryable, and hopefully won't develop a homeless man on the bus odor within 3 months of use like all of my gym clothes. FlipBelts come in 10 colors and sizes XS through XL.

The FlipBelt is a top Dude Gift for an Athlete pick.

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