Conquer Adjustable Height Cycling Trainer Desk

Posted: April 10, 2020
Conquer Adjustable Height Cycling Trainer Desk
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Adjustable height cycling trainer desk? Looks more like an adjustable height cycling trainer airplane tray table. But for the cyclists I know who are serious about turning their road bikes into stationary bikes so they can spandex-up, crouch down, and pedal that shit inside, it won't matter. Just having this multi-tasking option, the possibility of spending time on that glorious enema bulb of a saddle come rain, snow, quarantine, quarterly report presentation, or Teams meeting, is enough to overlook the chintzy look of Conquer's trainer desk setup.

That's not to say the desk itself is chintzy. Its frame is made with hi-tensile steel tubing for durability and the desktop, while plastic, is probably more resistant to sweat, and the occasional snot rocket, than wood or other materials would be. The work surface has an embedded nonslip pad and built-in tablet / smartphone stand, along with cutouts for cable management, and a pair of cupholders.

Conquer's cycling trainer desk adjusts from 35" to 47" in height, and can be used without a bike as a stand up desk too.

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