Chi Swing Machine

Posted: December 05, 2021
Chi Swing Machine
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Daiwa says their Vitality Swing, a chi swing machine, provides "passive exercise," and I don't know if that's true or possible, but I sure do like the sound of it. When in use, the machine sways back and forth, creating a wave-like motion from your ankles to your spine, intended to replicate the way fish move in water.

For fish, this movement helps to circulate oxygen through their system, energizing their bodies. The Vitality Swing, Daiwa claims, will do the same for you. Plus stimulate your lymphatic system for fluid draining, reduce lower body swelling, and improve circulation, particularly for people who are older, injured, or otherwise sedentary.

For anyone, a chi swing machine endeavors to relieve stress, promote better sleep, and improve energy levels.

The process requires Vitality Swing...swingers...to lie on the floor, with their ankles nestled into the machine's cradles. This particular Daiwa swing model has a motor with various speed settings that can produce up to 40 watts of chi. Sessions run for 15 minutes, and then the Vitality Swing automatically shuts off. You can use the included remote to turn it back on and get your legs a'swayin' for longer.

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