Boost Natural Energy - Oxygen in a Can

Posted: September 23, 2013
Boost Natural Energy - Oxygen in a Can

So they're selling air. And not even the far-out air that's been solidified into Aerogel, or the air sucked up by Mega Maid and officially licensed by Spaceball One, just plain old gaseous oxygen. In a can. Oh it's a fancy can for sure. It has a colorful plastic mask at its mouth and an authoritative name in large font and all caps across the front: BOOST. And maybe the air it contains is special air. Does a 95% pure oxygen content make air special now? I don't keep tabs on the molecular composition of the stuff I breathe for free 24 hours a day, but I understand much of it is polluted or otherwise tainted with foreign particles. Perhaps if I took a big puff from a can of BOOST it would turn my world on its head. Maybe I'd experience a surge of energy and vigor that would catapult me from the couch to the garage in a mad frenzy to organize and weed the extensive collection of He-Man action figures my mama asked me to please do something with. Five years ago.

BOOST canned oxygen is intended for use during times of strenuous physical activity or derailing fatigue (read: sports and food comas). According to the energizer's makers, 90% of the body's energy comes from oxygen, and when we participate in activities that deplete the normal supply of it to our brain, lethargy sets in. BOOST provides a jolt of (essentially) pure oxygen to help return the body to equilibrium without the aid of unnatural stimulants, such as sugar, caffeine, or cocaine.

Amazon reviews of BOOST are mixed, though it has gotten some favorable nods from people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, as well as pilots and visitors of high altitudes. Some have also tested the energy gas' effects with an oximeter, and report that their blood's oxygen levels after use are noticeably higher.

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