Bello Digital Belly Fat Scanner

Posted: January 09, 2020
Bello Belly Fat Analyzer
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It's called Bello. Because the portable device is a belly fat scanner and "decoder." And also because that's probably what you're going to do when you see its results, and read what it has to say about all that damning subcutaneous and visceral fat glugging 'round beneath your skin.

Bello technology and body fat measurements aren't new, but the handheld, home-use nature of the device itself is. Bello says it's the first of its kind to deliver this type of (almost certainly bad) news with such quickness, ease, and portability. Placing the business end of a Bello against your midsection will activate a scan that takes just 3 seconds. During that time, Bello's near-infrared technology measures lipid, water, and oxygenated and deoxygenated hemoglobin in your system.

The analysis, what Bello says is a direct quantification of the lipid under your skin, is then sent to the Bello app to "provide the most accurate measurement of belly fat, anytime, anywhere."

In addition to straight readings, the Bello app will give you an interpretation of what your results mean, incorporating them into other physical data you enter in your profile. On screen you'll receive a Bello Score, plus various graphs intended to show your overall health. The app also uses your numbers to generate a personalized guide for food and exercise.

At printing, Bello was seeking crowdfunding here on IndieGoGo, with a 50% discount offered to backers ready to dive belly first into this digital belly fat scanner.

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