Banana Sling Grips for Pull-Ups & Lifting

Posted: March 30, 2023
Banana Sling Grips for Pull-Ups & Lifting
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Hey, they might call you bananas, but do they even lift, bro? Using these Banana Sling Grips, you not only hit the pull-ups, bent-over rows, and deadlifts, you do it with a neutral grip, more natural movements, and less rotational stress on your wrists too.

But, yeah, at least some of the meatheads are gonna say you're fruity when they see them.

BONAME makes and sells their Banana Sling Grips in sets of two. Loop them over pull-up bars, barbells, resistance bands, and cable machines to help improve your mechanics, and facilitate a stress-free free range motion during pulling exercises. The nylon slings stay put during use, but also slide on and off equipment freely. The banana grips are intended to be easy to clench and, despite their peel's reputation, non-slip, even when your hands start to sweat.

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