AFIXT Magnetic Water Bottle Holder

Posted: December 27, 2019
AFIXT Magnetic Water Bottle Holder

While the world is full of cup holders and flat surfaces, there are still times, especially at the gym, when you've got nowhere decent to store your water bottle. Or else you've found a great spot, but it's way over there where no one will kick it over. Or it's way over...somewhere...maybe by the leg press, or maybe...did you leave it on the elliptical?

The AFIXT Magnetic Water Bottle Holder slips over an existing water bottle (or shaker, mug, or can) and squeezes tight so you can stick it onto any metal surface around you while you workout. Keep your hydration at eye level as a constant reminder to hydrate as you sweat, or just as a reminder not to forget and condemn yet another bottle to the gym's lost and found.

AFIXT Magnetic Water Bottle Holders come in several different colors, each with a fat magnet attached to an adjustable elastic sleeve. In addition to gym rats, the veteran-made AFIXT holders can come in handy for factory workers and heavy equipment operators, boaters and golfers, and grill masters.

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