ARAIG - Multi-Sensory VR Feedback Suit

Posted: June 09, 2013

Even in the virtual world, when it rains it pours. Not only is the ARAIG (As Real As It Gets) multi-sensory feedback suit the latest in a recent lineup of virtual gaming enhancement gear, but it has also joined VR immersive forces with the Delta Six open source gaming gun and the Omni virtual reality treadmill. Owning the trifecta may persuade you never to leave the Matrix again. Mmm, have fun getting your nourishment from human carcases.

ARAIG deems itself the portal through the glass barrier separating a gamer from the virtual world in which he functions. The wearable technology stimulates tactile and aural senses in response to game actions and events. You will be able to feel and hear in surround sound "the rain on your shoulders, the rumble of a tank, the concussion of sound and debris." (How about a little of that T-Mobile lady in the pink jumpsuit blowing in my ear too, ARAIG?) The suit endeavors to drown users in the real sensations they have been simulating remotely for so long. No word on whether or not the suit will drown us in gun shot wounds, knife stabs, or, like, water. Maybe it's bulletproof and buoyant like the AdrenaSuit.

ARAIG functions by way of 3 major components: a Decoder; a Sim Skin; and an Exoskeleton. The Decoder receives data from a gaming device (PC or console), and then translates it to a language the suit's Exoskeleton can interpret and use to activate the right stimulation sensors. The Sim Skin, an aesthetic component, affixes to the top of the Exoskeleton so that individuals may personalize their ARAIG's appearance (as Al Pacino playing the Devil once said, "Vanity...definitely my favorite sin.") The core of the suit is its Exoskeleton, a network of receptors that receive important data from the decoder to activate sensory stimulations. Exoskeleton power comes from a removable, rechargeable battery pack.

Included in the multi-platform ARAIG pledge packages are the Exoskeleton, a Decoder (which you choose out of available platforms), a Power Cell (rechargeable battery), and a Power Cord. The crowd funding campaign runs on Kickstarter through June 30, 2013.

Suggested via Dude Product Tips by Kyle F. Nice one, Kyle.

December 2013 Update: While ARAIG funding was unsuccessful, its creators are still hoping to push forward with the suit's design and eventual production. At present, the company had not yet set up a Website, but plans are in the works to do so. You can track their progress on their Facebook page.

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