Stranger Things Eleven Bleeding Nose Candle

Posted: October 31, 2017
Stranger Things Eleven Bleeding Nose Candle
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This is an Eleven Bleeding Nose Candle. If you've seen stranger things - say, Taxidermy Animal Drones or Edible Anus Chocolates - it probably won't bother you. And if you've seen Stranger Things, you'll probably love it.

Firebox's candle, based on the Netflix series Stranger Things, depicts a white ceramic Eleven bust whose red taper top melts out of her nose when lit. The effect: a trickle of blood characteristic of Eleven's overextending herself while using her psychokinetic abilities. Here's a GIF. Pretty creepy, eh? She must be working hard.

Which means there's a 0% chance I'm buying an Eleven candle. A bloody nose every time I use it? How long before my house is filled with flipped furniture, broken dishes, and monsters from the Upside Down? Not to mention the cleanup of Eleven herself.

In addition to a pair of red candles to drip the blood, the Eleven bust comes with a "nose picker" tool to remove it and de-gunk her blocked nose after each lighting / psychokinetic episode.

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