StickTogether Sticker Puzzle Posters

Posted: July 28, 2020
StickTogether Mosaic Puzzle Posters
$29.99 - $72
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Unicorn mosaics! Stickerfied Scream posters! 60" x 36" Tiger art! Complete a StickTogether sticker puzzle, hang that snazzy mosaic poster on the wall, and earn yourself an Adult Achievement Sticker for yet another quarantine feat. It might not be as impressive as Baked Bread in My Dutch Oven, Built a DIY Dock Hammock, or Cut Own Hair, but these sticky spins on paint by numbers artwork still make for a fun and fruitful activity, plus add a new dimension to family entertainment when no one can stand to look at another knobbed and socketed piece of a jigsaw puzzle.

StickTogether sticker puzzle posters come in various sizes, and with tons of different artwork options, ranging from animals and scenes to copies of famous paintings. StickTogether can also create custom image puzzles.

The mosaic creation process follows a color key, wherein each colored sticker square included in the set has a letter assigned to it. Colors and letters are matched up in the key, and on the gridded canvas every square is printed with the letter of the color you gotta line up and stick there.

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