ZipChip Mini Flying Disc

Posted: January 28, 2018
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ZipChips help make spontaneous acts of recreation part of your EDC. Slip one of these mini flying discs in your pocket and, according to ZipChip, you'll be able to "Zip your Chip for long throws and fast paced action any time, anywhere." Along Food Truck row at lunchtime. In the park after work. And at any field, beach, or backyard on the weekends.

ZipChips measure 2.5" in diameter and weigh 0.7 ounces. While they look like downsized frisbees, ZipChip says your throwing motion should be more like skipping a stone to achieve the best potential flight. There are 3 steps to perfecting your launch:

  1. Grip. Hold the ZipChip dome-side-up, and index finger in its perimeter groove.
  2. Zip. "Skip" the Chip, allowing it to spin off your index finger upon release.
  3. Don't Tip. Keep your forearm horizontal at release to maintain a level ZipChip and a straight, controlled flight.

To catch a ZipChip, you'll need 1 or 2 hands and the advice of your father: Keep your eye on the ball, son!. Check out the above video for a demo. Disclaimer: ZipChips do not come with the ability to back flip during throws and catches as shown. I already asked.

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