X9 Follow Golf Caddy

Posted: April 20, 2014
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Sweet, a caddy you don't have to tip or worry about getting caught violating child labor laws while carrying your clubs for 9 hours straight in 95-degree weather. British company Stewart Golf has released the X9 Follow, their latest mechanized golf club caddy to incorporate Bluetooth technology and a sophisticated remote control communication system that enables golfers to tote their clubs and other gear hands- and manual-exertion-free.

With complete remote functionality and a handset-cart system that pair automatically when both are turned on, the X9 Follow can travel along behind its operator, or continue ahead when a golfer reaches the green or a rough area and wants to send his gear to the next tee. There is also a "cruise control" option for matching walking paces and strolling with the machine alongside or in front of one's stride. The electric caddy speeds up, slows down, and steers left and right from up to 165 feet away from its handset. The handset also includes 2 stop buttons: an orange "glide stop" and a red "emergency stop."

Other X9 Follow characteristics include downhill braking and an integrated stabilizer. The former means that the caddy will automatically apply a braking force if its operator's pace slows when going down a hill. The internal stabilizer, built in to the X9's chassis, complements its wide rear wheelbase and twin front wheels--if the cart tips backwards when traveling up hill, it will "bounce" on the stabilizer until it rights itself back to all 4 wheels.

In addition to its front mount for the golf clubs, the X9 Follow features a towel clip, scorecard holder and pencil clip, 3 golf ball holders, 4 tee holders, anti-rotation bag straps, and quick-release strap handles.

At printing, the X9 follow was accepting pre-orders for a $170 deposit. The caddy's official release is expected in June 2014. To read more about the system's technical specs and how it works, click here to visit the Stewart Golf Website.

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