Wookiee Skateboard

Posted: February 25, 2013
Wookie Skateboard
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Geoff McCleary of Weird Boards pays homage to Chewbacca in a way I'm not sure anyone has seen before. While a Chewie hoodie, and even a wad of Chewbacco, are obvious choices for showing the greatest Wookiee in the galaxy respect and admiration, a furry skateboard with the lovable beast's trademark bandolier running across it...inconceivable!

Almost inconceivable.

The Let the Wookiee Win longboard begins as a 44" kick-tail deck, hand-painted with a bandolier on raised wood, and then covered in (faux, don't worry) Chewbacca fur. 7" Core trucks with Bigfoot wheels and Abec9 bearings also come with the set, though buyers tired of cruising the strip trying to pick up that chick in the Princess Leia beanie may opt to leave them off and wall-mount the board in a proud display of Star Wars geekdom.

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