Wingball - 88 MPH Foam Not-Football

Posted: June 29, 2021
Wingball - 88 MPH Foam Not-Football
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You'd think the Wingball would throw like when you have a bag of pork rinds and your friend Cornelius wants one, so you try to toss it to him instead of either of you getting up and walking the 7 steps to do the exchange, but the pork rind is too light and not aerodynamic, and ends up traveling the equivalent of 2 steps before falling on the ground. Thus forcing Cornelius not only to get up and come get it after all, but also to eat it off the ground.

But according to Wingball maker Hog Wild, this football-like foam flyer can easily cover a 7-step range. Maybe even a 700-step range, given its ability to use a "tubular tirade of science and simplicity" to "whizz past you at 88 miles per hour!"

Developed as a gift for kids 8 and up, and GAMs* who like to pretend they're Mahomes, the Wingball uses an annular wing construction to achieve the speed and distance feats it brags about. The design both allows air to pass through the Wingball's hollow center and cutouts, and to lift the foam not-football up to create additional speed and trajectory.

*Grown Ass Mens. Haven't used that one in a while.

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