Widescape WS250 Stand-Up Snowmobile

Posted: February 26, 2022
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From stand-up desk at work to...stand-up snowmobile at play? The Widescape WS250 is the world's first stand-up snowmobile, an off-trail ride with an anti-slip platform users stand on to make their snowmachining experience more physical, more engaging, more immersive, and, if Widescape has bet right, more fun.

Widescape has designed the WS250 to be lightweight at less than 200 pounds, and compact enough that two will fit in the box of a pickup. In addition to ease of transport, this gives the stand-up snowmobile enhanced buoyancy for floating on deep snow, and maneuverability for navigating through dense forest.

Widescape anticipates it will take the average sit-down snowmobiler around 15 minutes to acclimate to their stand-up WS250, at which point you'll be ready to "lean into every curve and feel the rush right down to your toes."

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