Vurtego V4 Pro Pogo Stick

Posted: April 13, 2016
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If you're looking to put some spring in your step...you'll have to look beyond the Vurtego V4 Pro, because you won't find a single metal coil in this pogo stick. But. If you'd settle for pumping 90 psi underfoot, hop right on. And get ready to bounce, bound, and even flip up to 10' in the air. Down the stairs. Over the rail. Nothin' but Oh. Hell. Yeah. The Vurtego V4 pro isn't your cousin Ricky's rickety pogo stick from the summer of '86, it's a veritable portable trampoline. A serious sporting good for serious athletes.

Or for your kid. Or your girlfriend. Your marginally coordinated IT guy. Your 300-pound barber. The V4 Pro pogo stick is powered by self-adjusted air pressure, so anyone taller than 4'8" and over 75 pounds can learn to kangaroo around on it at their desired level of leap.

Pumped to a low pressure--say, 30 psi--the V4 Pro will treat you gently, bouncing with a soft, limited-height spring. Jacked up higher, and higher, and higher will stiffen the stick's air spring, and jack up your jumps proportionately. Until you pump too high, at which point Vurtego says the stick's slide shaft will explode out from the traction piston and probably impale your foot. Just kidding. Really the air spring will become so hard it won't budge at all until you give it some release.

Vurtego makes the V4 Pro in sizes Small (recommended for people 5'3" and under), Medium (5'4" to 5'11"), and Large (6' and up).

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