Vintage Electric Bikes

Posted: February 03, 2016
Vintage Electric Bikes
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Nostalgia at 20 MPH, Vintage Bikes will take you back and propel you forward. The cruisers and commuters front Art Deco aesthetics and WWI-era motordrome racer lines, but get a 21st century boost in action from their electric motors.

In street legal mode, a Vintage Bike's 750-watt power center can tool you to work, around town, or up to 35 miles outside the city to your favorite BBQ shack. After just two hours of brisket-gorging and rib-cleaning, your 52-volt Vintage battery will be fully recharged and ready to head back.

Vintage Bikes come in Cruz and Tracker models, which vary only in appearance and color choices. The bicycles feature regenerative breaking, Shimano Alfine hydraulic disk brakes, a sandcast aluminum battery box, LED lighting, a Phil-Wood front hub, and a Brooks England Ltd. leather saddle and grips.

Both The Cruz and The Tracker also have off-road Race Mode options (+$149). If you want to upgrade to a rider-activated 3,000 watt rear hub motor, Race Mode will bump your max speed to 36 MPH. A key inserts to switch the bike from street-legal to Hold on to your hats, ladies!

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