Unagi Model Eleven Smart Scooter

Posted: September 26, 2021
Unagi Model Eleven Smart Scooter
$1,540 - $1,990
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Unagi hopes you'll fall for their latest scooter - an ultra-portable, still-powerful, super-smart electric transporter - and turn it up to Model Eleven.

The Model Eleven incorporates the sleek aesthetic and "one click" hinged folding system of Unagi's Model One Scooter, but designer Yves Behar and his team have built the Model Eleven almost entirely out of a new Swiss material called long carbon. It's a carbon composite that can be shaped through injection molding rather than carbon wrapping, and allows for a scooter with a full front and rear suspension system (i.e., a smoother ride even in the face of bumps, dips, and potholes) that's still lightweight at 32 pounds, and easy enough to transport when it's not transporting you.

Unagi has also added a fun bunch of high-tech features to the Model Eleven. Most interesting is a multi-lens camera in the stem under the handlebars that sends visual data to the scooter's onboard computer. They tag team to form a crash assist AI, sending rider alerts to the main display about detrimental road conditions, such as car doors and potholes. Alerts are audible, part of a ring system that also contributes to the Model One's navigation capabilities. Unagi's app connects to Google Maps to provide directions both visually and audibly during travel.

Model Eleven batteries give you about 15 miles of riding per charge and, even better, are swappable, so you can bring an extra with you for double the distance. A dual-motor system gives the scooter a top speed of 19MPH.

At printing, Unagi was offering its Model Eleven smart scooter on IndieGoGo with typical crowdfunding discounts for early backers. Models with and without the crash assist AI feature are available.

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