TReGo Detachable Front Wheel Bike Trolley

Posted: May 16, 2017
$882 - $1,158
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When I need to haul a load I grab a trolley. When I need to haul myself I get on a bike. When I need to haul both I buy a TReGo. At least that's what the company that's crowdfunding this detachable front wheel bike trolley hopes I, and anyone else who visits their Kickstarter campaign page, do.

Despite its decidedly dysfunctional spelling, TReGo says it's a highly functional, and multi-functional hand truck that fast connects to / disconnects from the front of your existing bicycle. TReGo has patented a FAST-Connector device that replaces your bike's single front wheel, and serves as the latch point for the 2-wheeled trolley. (Bonus: TReGo turns your bike into an adult tricycle!) Installing the FAST-Connector requires no bike modifications, and using it requires no tools. Check it out in the GIF.

TReGo seeks funding here on Kickstarter through June 19, 2017. You can load it up with bungeed-down cargo for transport with the standard trolley, or opt to add a TReGo bag for your gear. The company also has an Towing Cart Kit if you want to convert the TReGo to a wagon-style hauler and hook it up to the back of your bike sometimes.

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