The Lunicycle

Posted: February 16, 2016
The Lunicycle
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Manually operated! No lithium ion batteries! Won't catch on fire! (Unless for your next act you will Lunicycle through a wall of fire!) The Lunicycle comes from Inventist, the same company that makes the Solowheel personal transporter. And while you could consider this pedal-powered unicycle a regression from its electronic predecessor, Inventist has incorporated the Solowheel's leg support system (and seatlessness) into the Lunicycle in an effort to develop a low-profile, hands-free, low-cost commuting alternative that doesn't require a trained circus performer's skills to ride.

According to Inventist, the Lunicycle's unique calf supports provide instant stability and decrease your learning curve, balancing your body naturally as you lean against them. Without a seat post and saddle, the wheel's center of gravity also sits low to the ground, adding to Inventist's insistence that "even the klutzy can experience the fun."

As with any unicycle or personal transporter without handlebars, the Lunicycle gives riders the option of carrying a coffee or briefcase while riding. But unlike its battery-operated counterparts, it delivers a healthy workout during use, and doesn't require charging after an hour or two. And did I mention it won't spontaneously explode?

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