SwingSmart Golf Swing Analyzer

Posted: March 12, 2014
SwingSmart Golf Swing Analyzer
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NewSpin Golf hopes their SwingSmart Duo will continue to be a standout amongst the bevy of golf swing analyzers and digital coaches that have emerged with mobile tech and apps. The self-training system pairs a swing sensor module that connects to the shaft of a golf club with an interpretive SwingSmart Android/iOS app.

The SwingSmart sensor module detects and captures every element of a golf swing, including tempo, swing speed, face angle, club path, shaft lean, and angle of attack. It then instantly sends this information via Bluetooth to the SwingSmart app for smartphone or tablet review. From the app, various interfaces regurgitate collected swing metrics both numerically and visually. For example, one screen shows a complete 3D view of the path and plane of the golf swing from any angle. The goal is to impress the metrics in as many ways as possible so they truly resonate and help golfers understand what they need to change or improve. Possibly as quickly as for the next hole.

SwingSmart will automatically save all recorded swings, which can also be labeled from "Best" to "Worst" for statistical comparisons and future reference. Any swing is also easily transmitted via email to an instructor for additional review and feedback.

Golfers interested in trying the SwingSmart must:

  1. Shell out for the SwingSmart Duo package. It includes the analyzer module, 2 club adapter plates, a swing guide, charging cord, carrying case, and a lifetime, subscription-free license for the SwingSmart Duo app.
  2. Download the SwingSmart app.
  3. Charge the SwingSmart module, and then connect it to any iPhone/iPad or Android device.
  4. Attach the SwingSmart module to the underside of your golf club's shaft. Any club, driver to putter, is fair game.
  5. Take a swing. According to NewSpin, SwingSmart will have analyzed your complete motion before you even look up. View stats and 3D breakdowns immediately on your mobile device.
  6. Use SwingSmart's metrics and guides to figure out what your problem is.
  7. Fix your problem.
  8. Consistently birdie or better going forward. For the rest of your life.

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